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Wow! Look at Tom Daley

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Yes, his diving was incredible. Yes, those shorts were tiny and, four medals – what an accomplishment but actually I was most interested in what he was knitting!

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Tom’s yarn journey really reminds me of mine. I learned later in life and became obsessed with creating and making all of the time. It is so portable and he has taken his bag of yarn across the world to Tokyo so it really is a hobby that can go anywhere. I wonder, did he take all of his yarn and patterns with him or did he find a cool yarn shop in Japan? 


Tom Daley has really championed his sport and also his knitting and crochet. Of course, we know that yarny adventures have been cool for yonks but it is nice to see it making headlines and hopefully inspiring people to pick up their hooks or needles and get creative.


I have harped on about the calming, meditative effect of crochet ever since I started but Tom really showed how it kept him cool, calm and collected during a highly pressured time.


Did seeing Tom Daley knitting inspire you?

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