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Bikini or crochet hook?

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Crochet projects that travel well


We’re nearing the end of August now and many of you will have been away or travelled this month as Covid restrictions came to an end.


We usually have two weeks camping in France each year but as my husband wasn’t double vaccinated in time and because of the additional complexities – isolation periods, testing etc we decided not to go.


Instead we spent 5 days with my parents in Peterborough and 6 days with my in-laws in Glossop, Derbyshire.

We used some of the money we saved by not going to France giving our three children experiences we don’t usually do so they had a fantastic day at Alton Towers, a ride on the East Lancashire Railway, meals out and paid for them to have two weeks at fun holiday camps.

two hands crochet hook yarn

Each time I know we are going on a motorway for more than an hour or spending a few days away I always pack my crochet so I have learned some useful tips over the years.


Firstly – know what you are going to make and take only what you need. Make sure you have the pattern, I like to print it out as WiFi cannot always be guaranteed and make sure you have the correct hooks.


I had one holiday where I forgot my hooks so had to quickly order a set from Amazon to be delivered at our location but they were RUBBISH. My trusty Tulip hooks come everywhere now.


Going away is not the time to be working on a huge blanket unless you know you have space! Granny squares work really well because they are small and quick. Using thinner yarn or yarn scraps is ideal as it takes up less space than a huge new ball.


One time we went to France, I crocheted a baby romper suit and made another on the return journey. We were in a car for at least 10 hours and most of that was motorway driving. Of course, never crochet if you are the driver!


This year’s holiday makes were lots of mini rainbows. It is easy to make one in an hour or less, the pattern is repetitive and easy to memorise meaning I could still chat to people around me and it wasn’t intrusive on the day.


Check out my social media channels for more photographs and feel free to share any of your holiday makes on my NEW Crafty Kilner Community group or tag me @craftykilner.co.uk on Instagram.

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