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September. The new January?

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The Bank Holiday weekend is upon us and my attention turns to September. Being a teacher for most of my working life and the new academic year starting, I always see September as a fresh start.


I think about new routines to get back in the flow after the indulgent summer I had. I often give up alcohol in September as it helps me focus, be productive and energises me. I have a think about goals for the term ahead (see, still a teacher at heart!) and what I’d like to achieve by Christmas.


The countdown to Christmas starts now! I know that sounds crazily early but as crocheters and crafters, we need to have enough time to get things together and created if we want to gift in December. There are so many lovely projects that are great gifts – the usual hats, mittens and scarves but also little stuffed toys make great gifts or heart key rings. I also like making stacking baskets and place mats to gift to people.

I look forward to the season changing and the conkers falling. There is something cosy about autumn drawing in and enjoying local walks.


Alongside Crafty Kilner, I’ll be taking on a new challenge working in two schools doing their social media as a part-time Communications and Marketing Manager which means I get to celebrate the hard work that will be happening in those schools without having a class of my own.


Feel free to leave a comment below to let me know your September plans or share your thoughts in my Crochet Community Facebook group or tag me on Instagram using @craftykilner.co.uk.


Have a great Bank Holiday weekend, I hope you have loads of fun. I will be seeing my parents, playing with my kids and doing lots of crochet (of course 😊)

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