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Crochet Mistakes

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What a week! I hope you got to enjoy the glorious sun we had for a few days.  I got busy looking back at photos of my crochet journey.  A fun adventure starting in February 2013. I have started sharing a Throwback Thursday series of posts in my Crochet Community Facebook Group and for each picture I reflect on the learning that took place. Feel free to join – it is completely free and a nice place to hang out to hear about all things crochet no matter where you are on your crochet journey.


Also, on Instagram I have been posting images that build a wall of images that link together (yes, I love a bit of geeking out over Instagram!). If you’re not already following me there, please do and marvel at my grid layout and let me know what you think – ha ha!

My final bit of news is that I am going to be putting together an all-in-one crochet kit with yarn, hook, needle, pattern and a mini-course so that even someone who has never picked up a hook and yarn will be able to complete the project. 


You’ll still be able to buy my Hook Me up course which includes 4 different projects and goes into much more detail about all aspects of crochet.


Anyhoo, I’m super excited about bringing out a new crochet kit so look out for more information in a future newsletter.

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