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What the Dilly!

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On Tuesday I went on a business development day at the swanky Dilly Hotel lead by Charlie Day of the Entrepreneurs Growth Club and it helped me reflect on my little business but also about personal goals.

crochet teacher working on laptop drinking tea

Life has felt on hold recently because of Covid and it still feels like we’re living in limbo waiting to see Covid’s next step.


The last few years have swamped me with stress and anxiety and made me shake up how I want to live my life.


Good physical and mental health needs to be at the core of everything so I am trying to put in little actions which I know have a big impact on my overall well-being. I’m trying to get out for a brisk walk each day and hit my 10K steps, hydrate, eat healthier, crochet more, chat with friends and get plenty of sleep. Sounds so simple when I write it in a list! 


What little things do you do that you know make you feel good?


I’m also going to throw in a bit of retail therapy and buy some yarn 🧶 for some projects I have in the pipeline.


My go-to place is Wool Warehouse.  If you join my Crochet Community in the next few weeks I will show you a clever trick I use to choose colours that go well together.


I hope you have a fantastic weekend and it is full of crochet 😁


Love Martha 😊

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