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A connected crochet community: making poppies

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Hello friends, 


How are you? On the 11th November it is Remembrance Day and my local knitting and stitching group put a call out for people to create knitted or crochet poppies.


In my Crochet Community Facebook Group I made a quick video tutorial about how to make your own crochet poppy so head over there and have a look if you’re keen to give it a go. There is a written pattern too.


I love the way that crochet connects people and is used for collective good. Such as the Random Acts of Crochet Kindness Facebook group that I am in where members create little crochet creations and leave them out with a note simply to brighten someone’s day. How lovely  

I have been excitedly watching the crochet journey of my crochet student this week. She has gone full steam ahead with my 6 module Hook Me Up crochet course and is well on the way to creating a blanket for her cousin’s baby. 

This is what she had to say:

Testimonial from crochet student

If you are interested in starting your crochet journey then check out my Hook Me Up course and get started: 


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