Hello Everyone

What is so good about crochet anyway?

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Hi friends,


You know I love crochet but what makes it so special anyway?


Last Sunday around 7pm I started feeling a little bit down. I knew I had a very busy week ahead and was starting to overthink it all. I needed to shut my mind down. I knew Netflix wasn’t going to cut it as I would end up picking up my phone doom scrolling (I first heard this phrase from Becca at Becca’s Bouqcakes – if you haven’t seen her cakes then, my gosh, go and check her out – they are amazing!).

A bouquet of piped flower cupcakes

I quickly raided my yarn box, grabbed some colours and got crocheting. Within 20 minutes, I was calmly sat on the sofa counting out a chain of stitches to make a small blanket for a friend whose baby is due in November. I love how crochet does this for me. I occupied my hands and mind just enough to take my mind away from the things that were stressing me out and consequently had a great night’s sleep too.


Having my hands and mind also kept me busy from nibbling in the evening. I tend to use food as a distraction from stress and crochet is great at keeping my straying hands reaching for something tasty!


Over the last few years elements of generalised anxiety has taken hold in my life. I’ve experienced symptoms such as hair loss, heart palpitations, racing heart and chest pain. I realise now that I have probably had high functioning anxiety all of my life which in many ways has helped me but it means it is very hard to shut my mind down. Finding crochet helped me do just that. 


I get so much satisfaction from creating something beautiful, it’s a real confidence booster as people praise your creations.


Over the years I have connected with so many people because of crochet that it has widened my community.


And finally, crochet helped me when my cousin died. It was very shocking and unexpected as she was only 27 and died by suicide. Crochet enabled me to dissociate a bit and connect with my other cousins and aunt through a shared project.


In summary here are some of the benefits of crochet:


  • Relaxation and mindfulness
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves sleep
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Reduces snacking
  • Helps with grief
  • Builds a community of friends


If you feel crochet could help you, come over and join me in my Crochet Community and connect with like-minded people and get tips from me all about crochet.

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