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OMG It finally happened!

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Covid got us!! My seven year old son tested positive. He has a temperature but no other symptoms so we’re feeling lucky (so far!).


My initial thoughts were panic! Is he going to get very ill? Will the remaining 4 of us in the house get it? What is the protocol now? Once I stopped flapping, I felt down. All our plans for half term are over. We hadn’t planned to do much except attend our annual family get together during half term.

We have a Halloween/fireworks celebration and enjoy seeing each other but we can’t really go out while he is isolating and we are potentially infectious. Legally we can as my husband and I are double-jabbed and children don’t need to self-isolate but I feel a moral duty not to expose the rest of the world to our germs when we have been in direct contact with Covid. Our PCRs are not back yet so we could by asymptotic carriers currently.


My friend gave me a little advice to help me stop stressing! She pointed out that even if we all get it, we will most likely come out the other end completely fine. She made me see it as bonus family time with no running round to all of the kids’ clubs. I still have business work to do, which I do from home, so can get the duvets out and sit in the soffice (sofa-office) while the kids watch films (AKA climb the walls/bicker).

Before Covid was on my mind, Christmas was on my mind!!


It’s not my fault – I got a request from a lovely ex-student about helping find a Christmas tree pattern. I didn’t have one but she shared an image of what she liked so I attempted to write my own.


Through trial and error error I landed on a pattern I liked and wrote it up and shared it **free** in my Facebook group.

It’s super simple, uses only beginner stitches and very quick to make. I made 4 in an hour so you could quickly whip yourself up a Christmas tree garland for yourself or it would make a great Christmas gift. I can imagine it all wrapped beautifully.


Of course, I steered away from the usual Christmas colours and went with pastels but you can choose whatever you like.


If you’re thinking of Christmas gifts, you could consider a crochet kit. Everything for a beginner is included.

I hope you manage to stay clear of Covid and have a lovely week.


Martha x

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