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Spooky as hell!

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Do you go all in for Halloween or do you shut the curtains and hide away?


I do both!


I love getting out with my children and getting them dressed up. This year they are going to be Zombie athletes! It means they get to wear regular clothes, just a football kit and a gymnastic outfit then I get to go to town on their faces turning them into Zombies. 


Over the years, I have found the *Snazaroo face paints to be the best. They last for ages and they cope with not being touched for months, some face paints crack and go horrible when they are dry.

But when they’re in bed, I blow out the pumpkin candle, turn the porch light off and hide from the late night doorbell rings with a glass of wine.


A few years ago I made all of my children their own loot bag to take trick-or-treating. It is a simple pattern using chunky yarn, a 4mm hook (to make sure there are no holes to let their Love Hearts and chocolate coins slip out) and double crochet stitches. Super easy and re-usable; this is the third year they’re having an outing.

3 crochet halloween loot bags

This week I created a gorgeous alpine stitch headband for my daughter. I wanted to demonstrate a more advanced stitch to my crochet students so I will be adding the pattern and tutorial to my Hook Me Up course meaning there will be 5 projects within my signature course! All just for £197. This is amazing value and it has been getting great reviews which fills my heart knowing that my mission to share crochet with as many people as possible is benefiting others. 

In other news, I became an Amazon Associate this week meaning if you purchase anything using the link I share, I get a small commission but with no extra charge to you. I will make it clear with an asterisk when I give an affiliate link and you can trust me to only share things I genuinely love or am interested in 

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