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List Yourself Happy

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What is the weirdest way you have ever been woken up in the middle of the night?


I have three children so over the last 10 years I’ve had a fair few disturbed nights. Wet beds, vomiting from a loft bed all over the floor, falling out of bed, standing by the side of my bed staring at me, night terrors (all of those examples were from my children). We’ve had the burglar alarm go off randomly, foxes howling (which if you’ve never heard before sounds like a murder is taking place!) but last Friday I had the weirdest experience of all. 


My bedside lamp, which sits on a wide-shelf headboard above my bed, fell and smashed on my head!! I woke up to a pretty big bang on the head and shattered glass around me! We have no idea what caused it to fall. The stem must have corroded in some way as I have had the lamp for around 17 years and there was a rusty residue but it felt like a scene out of a ghost/horror movie. I had visions of The Omen and being pierced through my jugular but I’m not one to catastrophise (I am!). I take blood thinners due to a couple of DVTs a few years ago (but that is a whole other story) so I bleed more than the average exhausted 40+ year old and at gone midnight with blood dripping down my forehead, I tried to make sense of what on Earth was going on.


Thankfully we found the source of my bleeding which is tricky to do on your scalp, especially as heads are known to bleed excessively, cleaned up the room and tried to get back to sleep with adrenalin having very different ideas.


I think the moral of the story is that having lucky escapes like this; I’m not dead, the cuts are small and did’t need medical attention; reminds us to seize the day and do more of what makes us happy as you never know what is around the corner after all, life is for living.


What will you be this week to make you happy?


The top happiness tips this week are:


  • See friends – I’m such a busy person that sometimes I forget how good this makes me feel and I forget to prioritise it
  • Take more screen breaks – running a business can often mean being present online 24/7 
  • Get outside – with nights drawing in, it can feel less appealing to go outside so try and soak up the season in all its chilly darkness
  • Get crafting – my go-to is of course crochet but doing any craft has the same happiness-inducing effect

I will also be going to a book launch this week for my fabulous friend, Jess Indeedy, of Musical Bingo fame as she launched her new book ‘List Yourself Happy’ yesterday on her mission to use organisation and creativity to unlock joy. I personally have used lists obsessively for most of my life so I know this book will be very welcome in my house; I can’t wait for my copy to arrive and you can grab a copy here:




Have a happy week whatever you do.


Martha x

*This post includes an affiliate link which means I get a small commission at no extra charge to you.

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