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Quick Christmas Creations

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Attitudes around Christmas gifts are changing. People want a sustainable Christmas, a more personalised Christmas, a Christmas in which the gifts have more thought put into them than a soap set or biscuit box (not that there is anything wrong with soap or biscuits of course).



Here I have a little round up of some homemade gifts you can give this year if you have time to get creative. *Disclaimer – most crafters will have started their Christmas creations towards the end of July – but don’t worry there is still time…


Christmas baking – gingerbread works well and my mum has made mini Christmas cakes as gifts for as long as I can remember. She uses old tuna can tins to make the perfect size mini-cake and decorates with the usual marzipan and icing.


Chutneys and jams – this is my brother’s speciality. Knowing he has taken the time to do this make it taste all the sweeter.


Crochet baubles and Christmas tree garlands – these are quick to make and will be admired because of the handmade element. I have a tutorial for making a Christmas tree garland in my Facebook Crochet Community group so feel free to join and get creating.


For a more sustainable Christmas over the last few years we have used fabric wrapping. I bought metres of red crushed velvet fabric and green ribbon and wrapped our gifts in it. We tend to use it in scenarios where we can collect the fabric back at the end of the unwrapping session or with people we know are eco-minded and will make use of the fabric again, keeping it out of landfill. An added bonus is that the gifts look so opulent and pretty dressed up to the nines in beautiful fabric.

You could even crochet some present bags as my lovely friend at @nadnoracrochet did one year for her twins’ teachers at Christmas! This year I have already used Etsy to buy the gifts for my children’s teachers feeling good in the knowledge that I am supporting a small business.

If you want to purchase from my small business then bag yourself a discount while you can!  I am offering 20% off my crochet infinity scarf kit until 15.12.21. Use the code FLTIxmas21 This is because I am taking part in an online Christmas Fair run by Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas Facebook group which is supporting 160 small businesses by allowing them to advertise in their group of over 1 million people!

I’m feeling nicely festive after writing this but don’t worry I’m still weeks away from getting my decorations up.

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