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Feeling bleurgh

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I keep reading everywhere that lots of people are feeling bleurgh at the moment.  I can totally relate and feel like I’m on a little rollercoaster with emotions going up and down during the day.



I think the aftermath of lockdowns is playing out. We’re venturing out more whilst being fully aware Covid is all around still. We have been making plans then we have to change things and/cancel at the last minute because of Covid related issues.



Even my 7 year old was saying how sad he was about the amount of things we plan to do that then get stripped away at the last minute.  It’s a strange old time still I think a lot of people have been reflecting about happiness, what it is and how to get it.



I have been listening to a few wonderful podcasts focusing on positive psychology called The Happiness Lab, The Positive Pants Podcast and The A Mother Brand Podcast. I think mainly they all point out that we are not alone in our feelings and there are lots of things we can control when we feel out of control.



When you’re not feeling especially happy it can be hard to find the motivation to do much so focus on small wins.  That might be the fact you got out of bed and dressed or it might be you finished a long-abandoned crochet project.


We put an awful lot of pressure on ourselves, I certainly do and often forget to be present and enjoy the moment. I used crochet to ground me, make me feel calm and to create something so that I can feel a sense of achievement and feel proud and therefore happy.

Have you tried crochet?  I have a Crash Course in Crochet coming up in January next year so spread the word to anyone else you think might benefit from a bit of crochet in their lives.  It’s completely free and you can find out more in my Facebook Crochet Community – see you there.

Have a great week x

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