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3 Ways Crochet is Excellent for You…

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Obviously I’m a huge fan of crochet but below are some of the ways that crochet has been excellent for me over the years.


1. Positive Mental Health

Firstly I take great joy in the relaxation crochet brings to me. I get my feet up, have a nice cup of tea and I get to zone out in my own little world – in plain sight of other people or simply by myself. The mindful benefit of crochet is the thing that I probably talk most about across all of my social media and frequently in my newsletters and blog posts. For me sitting down and allowing my fingers to do the work and to just switch my brain off enough to focus on my stitches allows me to relax and quieten my mind which otherwise is quite busy and full.


2. Occupying idle hands

The second joy of crochet, which took me by surprise actually, was that by keeping my fingers busy meant that I wasn’t reaching for the snack cupboard anymore. As soon as I get absorbed into a crochet project I no longer feel like raiding the kitchen cupboards or the depths of the fridge for a leftover piece of chocolate or a soggy old biscuit. Once I’ve sat down to crochet I’m quite lazy and refuse to get up again. Any thoughts of snacking are long forgotten. I imagine this is the same for smokers (though I’ve never been a smoker so I’m not sure about that). It also reduces my alcohol consumption since I don’t really like to be tipsy when I’m crocheting so it’s a good one for when I feel like avoiding alcohol too.



3. Pride

And my third joy of crochet is the wonderful feeling of pride that I get when I successfully complete a project either for myself or that I’ve given away or sold. Knowing that I have sat down, created lots of little loops that come together like a giant jigsaw puzzle, to create a crochet scarf, blanket or garment brings me a huge sense of pride which is great for the feel good factor.


These are just three of the joys of crochet I experience. Please leave a note in the comments to let me know any of the benefits of crochet that you have experienced.


Happy hooking!


Martha Kilner x

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