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Left-Handed Crochet Methods

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I quite often get asked if left-handers can crochet. It won’t be a spoiler to let you know straight away a great big fat YES! Left handed crochet is very accessible nowadays and below I will outline a few methods for those who want to learn to crochet and are left-handed or left-dominant.


Full disclaimer – I am right-handed but I broke my right arm when I was around ten years old which forced me to write with my left hand. I was also allowed to use the school’s computer (I’m pretty sure the school only had one computer in 1990!).  It must only have been a matter of weeks that I was in a cast but I got pretty good. It might explain my passion for tech too!


When I was a primary school teacher, I would model handwriting to my left-handed students with my left hand and have taught several left-handers how to crochet.


But let’s crack on with left handed crochet methods.



Left-Handed Crochet Method 1

Learn to crochet the right-handed way! This might sound strange but crochet feels awkward for everyone at first. It’s like learning to drive, nothing feels right and there is so much to think about. You hold the hook in one hand, the yarn in the other and need to make your left hand and right hand work together in unison.  This method is particularly useful for people who are left-dominant but interchange their dominance at times.

Left-Handed Crochet Method 2

Sit opposite your teacher. This method can work as you try to mirror what your crochet teacher is doing. A  certain level of decoding needs to go into this method but I have heard that it works for some people although I have never tried it before.

Left-Handed Crochet Method 3

Similar to method 2 I have heard people have learned by placing a large mirror near the teacher and to copy what you see in the mirror.  These last two methods sound quite confusing to me which is why I use Method 4 in all of my crochet kits and courses.

Left-Handed Crochet Method 4

This is my favourite method for teaching how to crochet left-handed. I carefully film my tutorials with great lighting, a plain white background and a step-by-step method and patience that I have gained through my 20 years as a primary school teacher. Then, once editing is complete I use clever tech trickery to flip my right-handed tutorial to be left-handed.  That way, my left-handed students can learn as simply as my right-handed students by following my video.

All of my kits and courses come with video tutorials in this way. But what is so great about crochet anyway?  You can read this post to find out!


If you are a leftie and learned to crochet in any of these ways please leave me a reply and let me know.  If you have any left-handed friends, please share this blog post to see if they would like to hop on board the crochet bandwagon with me.  You can sign up to my waiting list here:

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