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Breastfeeding Support With Crochet

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How on earth can we give breastfeeding support with crochet! When I was learning to breastfeed – yes, you really have to learn and it is not as innate as one might expect, I never imagined a yarny craft could be my breastfeeding friend. I didn’t know how to crochet back then but if I did, I totally would have offered breastfeeding support with crochet.


Many years ago, I crocheted some boobs to be used to model good breastfeeding techniques for a midwife working for the NHS. Recently, someone else got in touch to ask for some too. Both times I jumped at the chance based on the horrific experience I had breastfeeding my first-born.  She had tongue-tie meaning she couldn’t curl her tongue around my nipple properly resulting in unsatisfactory feeding for her. Cue mega weight loss (her) and admission to hospital aged 6 days old and extreme pain (me).

pink and grey crochet boob

I sought out help with breastfeeding after and by using crochet boobs midwives, health visitors and breastfeeding support counsellors can demonstrate a good latch and offer support.

If you remember a few weeks ago, I signed up to ‘Crochet Every Day’ to raise some money for Marie Curie. Despite being a massive crochet enthusiast, I don’t always crochet every day (shock, horror!). By signing up I knew I would be doing myself a favour; having a mental break whilst crocheting in addition to raising money. I have managed to keep it up (day 18 today) even when my son was in hospital this week.

He had nasty bout of gastroenteritis for 5 days which left him dehydrated. He is fine now but definitely gave us a scare.

People may think, wow – how could you make time to crochet when in hospital but the truth is, I knew crochet would keep me calm and take my mind off the worry. It worked! With all of the waiting, while my son was sleeping, I could crochet. I made 1.5 boobs whilst in hospital with him knowing I was giving back to the NHS in a tiny way too. You can find the pattern here if you would like to make some crochet boobs too.

If you can’t yet crochet, my Crash Course in Crochet is a good place to start or you can come and join me in my Crochet Community.

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