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Why I think crochet is better than knitting

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You know me for my crochet but why have I chosen crochet versus knitting? 


My mum taught me to knit when I was in my 20s. I am a tidy knitter but the second I make a mistake I am stumped! I find it really hard to understand how to fix stitches, especially if the error was quite a few rows back. This means I have to undo my knitting and start again. PAINFUL!


Knitting has such short stitches that it seems to take forever to make anything! I find crochet much quicker and it is easy to see and fix mistakes. Crochet works much better in three dimensions too, in my opinion. So crochet toys are much nicer than knitted toys.


But, I love the look of knitted garments, like baby cardigans and jumpers. So every now and again I turn my hand to knitting to see if it has got any easier. The other week, I gave it a go but found myself in the same place I was when I learned to crochet. Stuck browsing tutorials trying to work my way through the basics.  I wish I could just sign up to a knitting course that is going to take me step-by-step through all the things I need to know. To remove the overwhelm and confusion. To advise on what yarn to use for each project. I want a knitting equivalent to MY crochet course, Hook Me Up. I want a beginner community I can join with tips and support. 


These are the reasons why I created my course, Hook Me Up, so you can just get stuck in, learn in an orderly way to create success.


The doors are closed to my course currently but I will be re-opening them soon as my current group of students finish. Feel free to join the waiting list to be first in line to hear the details when enrolment opens again. If you really can’t wait you can do my Crash Course in Crochet for just £19.99!


If you know of an amazing knitting course please leave a link in the comments for me.

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