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Learn to crochet – another amazing reason!

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It seems there is a bit of a craze currently, lots of people want to learn to crochet. Or they are seeking a new thing to occupy their hands that is not their phone.  


Crochet in place of canceled plans 

The way we are living life is returning to ‘normal’ even though the ‘rona is still rife. This means a lot of people are still finding they are canceling plans and staying home because of catching Covid. Including me! Last week, for Mother’s Day I was due to see my parents all weekend. As they are in their 70s we did the courtesy of testing ourselves with Lateral Flow Devices (LFDs) before we went. Lo and behold my daughter’s test came back positive. She had a sniffle but was otherwise fine. It meant our weekend away was canceled. We were gutted. But on the plus side, I had bonus crochet time!


Crochet challenge

I cannot believe it is April already. I am gearing up to run my  free crochet challenge again later this month to get as many people as I can hooking. It was a great success last time with so many people going on to crochet amazing things. The challenge is free so please come along and join in to see if you can get started on your crochet journey.

Knitting on a machine

I have seen a few pieces of crochet pop up in shops recently and have been astonished by the price because it was so low. Did you know, EVERY piece of crochet you see has been hand made?  There is no such thing as a crochet machine. Most of the knitting you see on the high street has been made on a machine so it is more understandable that the price can be kept relatively low. But crochet can take literally hours.


It is another reason why I get upset seeing Etsy sellers charge so little. The crochet world is a bit of an anomaly in that people trying to run a business selling their gorgeous crochet are competing with people who give it away for free and people who drastically undercharge and just about cover their material costs and almost nothing towards their time.

Almost every crocheter I know talks of the mindful benefit of crochet – and for me that is the loveliest part about it.

Crocheters love to crochet. But if you are ever in the position of paying someone for their crochet, or want to charge to sell your crochet, please value the handmade nature knowing that crochet has never been made on a machine.

Last week I wrote about some of the reasons I prefer crochet to knitting and I think I’ll add that it is uniquely handmade to my list of pros.


Learn to crochet

As I mentioned above, my FREE Crash Course in Crochet is starting later this month so sign up here to hear all of the details. If you follow the link I suggest some yarn that is ideal for beginners and you can use my 10% discount code CRAFTYKILNER10 to get 10% off at Wool Warehouse.

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