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Crash Course in Crochet

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Learn to Crochet

My Crash Course in Crochet is BACK! Earlier in the year, I ran my four day challenge to create your own bunting. This is suitable for the total crochet beginner as I guide you through the techniques to get your crochet looking great. My aim is to get as many people started on their crochet journey as possible and this is such a great way to learn to crochet. And best of all it is free and you can surround yourself with the buzz of others in the same boat as you.

We had some great success stories with amazing reviews about how quickly my students learned to crochet. One is even talking about how she might be able to sell her crochet – all from a free challenge!

For me, creating beautiful things is a side product of the way crochet makes me FEEL. Having the tools to just pick up a hook and yarn and switch off is where the real magic lies for me. I have written before about the Three Ways Crochet Saved Me which you can read about here.

If you have any questions about the challenge you can read more when you click the sign up link or you can just pop me a message. I’d love to talk it through with you.

Newspaper feature

In other news – I may have a little feature in The Sun this weekend. It is a piece in the money section about how I quit my full time job as a primary school teacher to have more time for my ‘side hustle’ AKA, my crochet business. My crochet business and my community of crocheters brings me so much joy as I get to waffle on about crochet to a captive audience – sadly, my husband’s interest expired a while ago.

I have so many ideas and plans for the business so thank you for being a supportive part of my journey as my business grows. Without you, there wouldn’t be a business!

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