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Crochet basics free course

Quick question… How are you using your free time?


If you’re anything like I was you might be:


  • Doom scrolling on your phone
  • Reaching for the snack cupboard
  • Mindlessly flicking through Netflix/Amazon/iPlayer


A while ago, in fact around 8 years ago, I got sick of doing that and decided I wanted to learn something new. At the time I had a newborn and an 18 month old toddler so heading out to a local class was a challenge too far so I set about learning to crochet devouring YouTube. For HOURS.

Don’t laugh, but I made every mistake possible. I’m pretty stubborn/obsessive so I set about finding the answers to ALL the crochet questions from my starting point of not even knowing that crochet was a craft completely separate to knitting and that a crochet hook was not just a misshapen knitting needle!


Eventually, crochet and I were friends and I discovered benefits I had no idea would affect me so much.


Firstly – I made really cute, lovely things. As you would expect.


What I wasn’t expecting was the positive effect on my mental health. Anxiety seemed to halt when I was crocheting, many of my whizzy-brain thoughts went away as I focused on doing something with my hands and kept my brain just busy enough to be truly mindful.


Later down the line, I sold the gorgeous blankets, booties, hats and scarves I made at local craft fairs and in my Etsy shop and started my business which


I now run alongside my part-time job. I get to do something I completely love and help others succeed and experience the many benefits I have through crochet.


My Crash Course in Crochet – my Crochet basics free course is starting tomorrow, Monday 25th April, at 8pm is designed to get you crocheting too. It requires 4 evenings of your time and a bit extra to practice a bit in between sessions and all you need is a hook and yarn and darning needle.

Don’t worry if you can’t make the live sessions, you can watch the replay which will be available for about a week after.


If you’re a lefty you can read about learning to crochet left-handed here .

If you’re interested in finding out more click here for full details and what you need to make sure you can join in.

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