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Can crochet help lift a low mood?

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Welcome to May! Such a lovely month with the promise of summer even nearer. My youngest son has his birthday this month and he has not stopped talking about it since last May! I kid you not.

I am still working on ‘project me’ as I am still not really feeling my usual chipper self. I have blood tests lined up and some talking therapy in a month or too.  In the meantime I keep trying to do things that I know make me feel better in the hope that a light bulb will come on and I feel a burst of motivation. I’m usually such a go-getter so I’m finding this loss of mojo hard to understand.

So what things make me feel better?

  • Getting out for at least one daily walk, generally two. I  go at 7am on the three days I work in schools doing their social media and do the school run with my kids on the days I work from home on the business.


  • Having a regular sleep pattern; 10pm till 6am is what I aim for but my body works best if I can sleep 10pm till 7am. I have always needed a lot of sleep and love my bed.


  • Cutting out alcohol; it plays havoc with my emotional state and whilst I love to have a drink with friends, the negatives out-weigh the positives as it makes me binge eat, dehydrates me, makes me sleep terribly, tires me out and makes me feel anxious and miserable.


  • Eating healthily – I have rejoined Slimming World and I’m enjoying the support and accountability of a group. I made the most gorgeous Pad Thai and Chicken Katsu Curry recently.


  • Crochet – of course. My safety net and happy place. I am just working on simple granny squares at the minute. It helps occupy my mind and gives me a sense of accomplishment and like I have achieved something. I’m very lists-driven and ticking off crochet always makes me feel great.


  • See more of my friends. I’m aware I have locked myself away while I’ve been feeling anti-social, which is the opposite of what I need. I have booked a holiday in September with two girlfriends which I’ve only ever done once in my life before.


  • Plan less! As I said, I am list-driven and I am very good at giving myself too much to do then feeling down on myself when I don’t do it. My husband is good at getting me to focus on just one thing. This stops me from thinking about all the things and doing none of them.
Bluebells in the wood

So, I keep putting one foot in front of the other in the hope that the fog will lift.


I have been finding out about peri-menopause as I wonder if many of my symptoms are linked to that. I found Davina McCalls documentary Sex, Myths and the Menopause really interesting. I am 42 so it is on my radar. 


I also wonder if I am just processing the whole Covid lockdown experience as it was an incredibly stressful time working as a full time primary school teacher with my own three children.


Teaching was already a stressful job anyway but that first Easter when we had to learn how on earth to teach children online took stress to another level! I wonder if on a subconscious level, I am putting off stressful things to avoid the feelings of stress I have had over the last few years.


It’s not all doom and gloom though. Good things came out of the experience though. My 6 week crochet course was born out of the skills I learned as a teacher during the pandemic.  I am taking on a new round of students currently and have the doors open for enrolment until Sunday 8th May at 9pm.

You can read all about here:

crochet teacher showing how to crochet surrounded by crochet blankets

Over the course of 6 modules you will learn so many crochet skills and will feel the amazing calm of crochet as well as making great projects such as a phone case, blankets, toy octopus, and headband. You will learn how to read patterns so you can fly off into the crochet world at the end feeling crochet confident.


Sign up now!


If any of this resonates with you and you have any tips on lifting a low mood then please get in touch. I would love to chat.


Martha x

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