March Meet the Maker Week 2

Day 8 Flatlay

Emily Quinton taught me loads about photography and flat-lays when I did her photography for makers workshop a couple of years ago. So many useful tips about camera angles, lighting, editing and telling your story.

Day 9 How it’s made I start off deciding upon colours; for bunting I photograph some fabric options for the customer to choose, then I draw out the letters, bonda-web them to the fabric and stitch carefully around. For crochet, I usually start with inspiration then match it as best I can to yarn colours.

Day 10 Time to Relax My week is such a whirlwind that I mainly relax on the weekends. We have a mixture of seeing friends and family, getting the kids out for a run about or cycle and flopping out on the sofa in front of the TV or playing on devices. This rare picture of the five of us was taken by my friend Rebecca Perrins whilst having one of our much loved trips to see her and her family in Bournemouth. During the week, in the evenings, I crochet and watch a lot of Netflix!! We all love films but rarely get to the cinema so Friday night Film Night in our house and is very much looked forward to. I choose the film and sit with the kids eating popcorn and crocheting (or secretly scrolling on my phone 🤫)

Day 11 Branding My friend's brother, Trajan Hague, designed my logo for me and I absolutely love it. I think it symbolises so much of what I do! People often say they expect me to be making ceramics because of the Kilner name but I married into the name and do not own a kiln! We do have lots of Kilner jars around the house though. Maybe pottery is a route I could go down in the future... I stuck to the name 'Crafty' to keep the spectrum of what I make broad rather than being pigeonholed into one craft.

Day 12 Postage and packing I always package my orders in a cellophane bag with my business card. I post them in pink bags with white polka dots and use good old Royal Mail. I've never had anything go missing but once, some bunting took a long time to arrive and once it ended up in the wrong place but found it's way to right place in the end!

Day 13 Work Clothes As I work from home, there is no need for any special clothing so something comfortable (and warm in winter) is all I need - quite often pyjama bottoms! I do seem to live in my red hoodie that my hubby got for me for Christmas a couple of years ago. Most of the year, I wear my sheepskin slippers and the rest of the year it is flip flops. I didn’t have a picture of me in my slippers so here is my very cute nephew in them!

Day 14 Dreams and Plans I would love it if Crafty Kilner could earn me enough money so that I do not need to do start supply teaching!! I’m planning more crochet workshops, both beginner and intermediate. I’m working on having more ready-to-buy products to sell alongside my personalised items. I would love to have a creative hub to teach from with a shop full of high quality makers’ stock, an artists’ gallery, studios and hot-desking facilities. I would love to sell fabric and yarn too! Not asking for much am I?!! I had a little taste of running a shop with Highams Park Creatives in December 2017 and loved it!

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