March Meet the Maker Week 4

Day 22: Sketch Book and Lists I always have lots of lists, on my phone, on paper, on Notes on my phone, daily lists, medium and long-term lists. It’s just how my brain thinks. I love Pinterest to list things too. My friend got me this note book and pen for my birthday and I love them.

Day 23: Hands at work

Busy hands! Here I'm sewing, making hama bead cards, crocheting and the last picture is of one of my crochet students.

Day 24: Achievements

I’m particularly proud of Crafty Kilner and growing my business to where it is at today, it’s an ongoing journey but I’m especially proud of how well my crochet workshops are doing. I have a little feature on this month’s Simply Crochet (Issue 69). I had a little mention in Mollie Makes a while back too and love spreading the Crafty word. Before Christmas, my co-workers at Highams Park Creatives and Highams Parks ARC (Arts & Culture) were nominated as Cultural Stars for the community work we do and support we gave in the bid for Waltham Forest to become the First London Borough of Culture. It always feel good to get a pat on the back for hard work 😊

Day 25: Being a maker means... As corny as it sounds and as much as they drive mad, being a maker means I can be on hand for these guys and work flexibly. However, being crafty doesn’t mean I find it any easier or less stressful when dress-up days come around!

Day 26: Books, Blogs and Podcasts These are some of my fave crochet books. Simply Crochet started being published as I started out learning to crochet so I have subscribed to it ever since. In the early days, the clear photographs of how to do stitches was really helpful. I love reading about other crocheters and their craft journey. Toft UK produce great books but this is the one I love most. I bought the book after their rabbit was featured in Simply Crochet a few years ago. I love making them but do not sell them as I have not put them through tests to safety test them (CE marked). The Crochet to Calm book is filled with beautiful inspiration. My favourite podcast currently is The School-Hours Entrepreneurs Podcast: Full Time Business, Part-Time Hours.

Day 27: Recommend a maker Sinead at Papergrace is one of my best friends, I totally admire all that she does. I have learned so much from her and she always humours me and answers patiently when I'm wittering on about the next thing I want to learn! Like me, she has a busy household of kids and produces top quality work working round the clock if needs be. She's funny, caring and would give her right arm for her family and friends, always putting everyone else before herself. Definitely an inspiration. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Day 28: Organised This is pretty much my middle name, I don’t know how to be any different. I’m sure it is an innate trait that I have passed on to my daughter who is equally organised and who has been colour coding pens since before she was one! She couldn’t understand the order of karate belts because they are not in rainbow order which is her method for coding. My brain thinks in linear compartments and I find life much easier when things are organised. I’m a tidy desk, tidy mind kind of person.

Day 29: Community Trying not to be massively cheesy but I believe we are a global community, the human race. I have my local community; the amazing Highams Park in Waltham Forest, London, UK where do many people work behind the scenes putting on great events and pulling together to make great things happen. I’m very proud of my local community. I love the internet and international posting which means my handmade gifts can travel the world.

Day 30: top tip/advice Never be afraid to ask questions and seek out answers. My whole business has grown because of asking questions of friends, Pinterest, Google etc etc. The Internet means anything is possible! Always be kind, the world is small and you don’t want nastiness to come round and bite you on the bum! Sleep - it makes everything seem more manageable!

Day 31: Creative Friends.

I am very lucky to be surrounded with creative friends. In 2017, me and three friends with start-up craft businesses collaborated to start Highams Park Creatives It is a platform for high quality makers, designers, artists and craft teachers to share and promote their work. We successfully ran a pop-up shop in Walthamstow for three weeks in December 2017. We currently have a residency in Choice Cards, 28 The Avenue, Highams Park, London. Our dream is to launch a studio space/hub in Highams Park for emerging local talent and professionals alike to use to create their work, sell their products, teach lessons and enhance the vibrancy of what is already going on in Highams Park.

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