March Meet the Maker Week 3

Day 15 Boomerang

Such a clever video app. I love seeing what other people create on Boomerang! Here is a crochet heart key ring jumping about!

Day 16 Helper I don’t have a helper so when these guys are home, they like to think they are helping! Here they are ‘helping’ to make the bed. The next pic is them doing a pretty good job of being quiet while they ‘help’ me to get work done. Sorting buttons and removing/replacing pins from my pin cushion (which is in the shape of a mouse). Half and end of term holidays are always hard because my workload doesn’t change when they are home so ‘helping’ means not killing each other.

Day 17 Customers and Feedback I'm very proud that so many of my customers come back to order again from me. I have posted orders as far as Australia!

Day 18 Inspiration I get inspiration from everywhere but these are four instagrammers that inspire me Thread the Love because she makes beautiful things and has gone on to open her own shop. I would LOVE to have my own creative hub. Just Pootling because I basically want to make everything she makes! I'm addicted to making the little hearts she so often makes. Flora Fair Weather because I love all the pastel colours she captures from everywhere all around and Crafty CC because of her use of bright rainbow colours. I love it when all of these pop up in my feed.

Day 19 Can’t live without This was an easy one! I can’t live without my amazing husband Mike! He was away last week for work and I hated it! We knew 3 days after our first date that we wanted to be together forever 🤮, that was ten years ago in August. He’s completely perfect for me and I literally would not ever, ever want to live without him (and he’s well fit) 😊 😍

Day 20 (It was my birthday so I skipped this day!)

Day 21 Stories

This was a snapshot of my days saved in Instagram Stories so I can't share here!

#crochetteacher #crochetlondon #meetthemaker #craftteacher

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