Fabulous Crochet Beginners

I was a primary school teacher for 13 years and only gave up after childcare became too expensive after having my third child. I suppose it was only natural that my next step would involve teaching!

I caught the crochet bug after I taught myself following hours and hours spent silently cursing at You Tube videos and fumbling along. I would have loved to have signed up to a course to learn the basics.

Initially my beginners' class was just a two hour session. This class has now evolved into three two hour lessons and I feel people have a much better grasp of crochet after this time. With homework in between lessons and revision using my (password protected) video tutorials, students have surprised themselves with how brilliant they become at crochet so quickly. Here are a few images of the what you can expect to achieve by signing up to my beginners' crochet workshop. Most people have NEVER picked up a hook and yarn before.

To sign up visit my crochet workshops page.

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